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It would seem I overindulged in activity last month so these past two weeks I've really gotten sucker-punched back into the couch.
In crappy times like these I spend 90% of my time:
Sleep - Sit - Eat
Sleep - Sit - Eat
And repeat (a lot)

Most of the time I wear sweats, huge baggy t-shirts and PJs 
so it's good to dress up when going out, even if it's just for a little bit.

I'm pretty damn lucky to have such a funny, sweet, patient photographer boyfriend to make me feel special when I feel like punching a pony in the face.

It may be spring but today I feel like fall.

Hope you're having a more energetic spring than me, homies!
xoxo Stephie

Casual friday the 13th

I'm not really superstitious.

I believe there might be spirits; a persons energy remaining after death.
I believe in Sasquatch.
I believe in aliens.

You know.... logical stuff.

But an annual unlucky day? Meh.
I feel pretty lucky today. . .

My lipstick came out perfect.

Enjoy your weekend, homies!
xoxo Stephie

Blue Blaze

Using my blazer for the first time. I never owned a blazer before!

Did I use it right? Do you like it?

Peace homies \o
xoxo Stephie

Gotta buy milk

Having spent most of my 20-s life in a couch I find it immensely important to dress up when going out..

even if I'm just going to the store.

If I could, I would always wear wedges.

Whaddayathink invisi-homies?

Hey homies, I'm ba-ack....

At least I'm gonna try! I've had a really great month in the sun with more energy than I've had in years, but that energy has now started to deplete and I'm back on the couch... desperate to keep busy. Lately I've fallen victim of a DIY craze and all I wanna do is sew, cut, glue, glitter, print and paint things. A couple of months back I made this faux fur vest out of a blanket:

Is it hard to tell that I adore standing out in a crowd? I think not.

Considering how much I love dressing up and how little energy I actually have to write(and bake) I've decided to once again revamp my posting style. I'm gonna start posting outfits; I have a delicious, talented, patient boyfriend photographer so it seems ridiculous not to!

What do you think.. Wanna see what I wear the few times I get out of the house? Do ya like my vest?

Hope you are all in good health and enjoying the beautiful spring weather!

peace out invisi-homies
xoxo Stephie \o

The post that was

Remember me?
I didn't think so. It's ok, I can barely remember who I am. Regardless, here I sit typing.
Yesterday I set my very first "No Knead- Bread"! It's been rising for about 16 hours and is almost ready for the oven. I. Can't. Wait. After spending a week in delightfully sunny Majorca the food here in Norway seems so ..... processed. So when I saw this recipe on one of my go-to food blogs I knew it had to be made, immediately. I realized I had all ingredients on hand and jumped right into it. Although the bread takes about a day to make, its ridiculously easy. Just smash all the ingredients together then let it sleep.

Two days later Stephtastique decided it was time to finish her blog post.

The bread was amazing, beyond belief. The dough was all gooey and loose which was funny but the end result was quite surprising! The crust was super pretty and the smell was intoxicating. Best believe Imma be making this over and over and over and over and over again. 
And also over again. I tried to take a couple of photos of my bread but I was too busy imagining the ways I would eat it, so the photos were a bust. Instead I recommend heading over to Mat På Bordet to check out the original work. She makes A LOT of no-knead bread. Sweet lady. Great recipes.

In other news, Majorca was dreamy. My mother gave me the trip as a birthday present and I gotta say: best present ever. 6 days of relaxing at a beautiful "adult-only" hotel with a spa. Fucking crazy. I got my first ever spa experience, a whole hour dedicated to my face. Creamy. Dreamy. At one point I felt like a very fancy smelling mummy. At another I felt like a painting. I don't even know what she did to my face, for all I know I might have been smeared with scented sugar paste. I was too blissful to care.
Did I mention the food? The breakfast buffet was even better than at the Radisson, which is my OLD favorite place for breakfast. I finally got to eat a churro, I inhaled honey melons, strawberries and pineapple. Did you know that if you eat fruit in a sunny country you can actually TASTE the sun? For reals. My absolute favorite food of the entire trip was undoubtedly the tiny local chorizo dogs. The taste just exploded in your mouth. I miss the chorizo. A lot. Also: Piña Coladas. Oh my god. Piña Coladas. They sound fun and taste fun.

Sixteen days later Stephtastique had yet to post this and decided it's written, just post it!

Messy post, oh well.
Peace out invisi-homies~

ps. piña colada. fun.


Dear Face

.. And other faces alike.

The past months I have had no inspiration to write what-so-ever. Life has not been like any box of chocolates I've ever seen.

I've been sitting for an eternity; I sleep a lot. I've however learned how to use a semicolon, I think.

I have some muffins in the oven

My own little kingdom of Ninjaberry Muffins. My pretty little muffin people.

Soon you will be housed in mouths and bellies.

Later you will be in the potty but by then you will have served your purpose.  .............TMI? Don't be naive :s

Muffins before getting a tan.

Crouching muffin, hidden berry.

Can you spot the ninjaberries?

Objects may be less burnt then they appear

The face is where you belong, sweet Ninjaberry Muffin ~

I found the ninjaberry ^__________^ Its a blueberry!

If you want my ninjaberry-filling recipe, holla~ !

Peace up ~\o

Feelin' alright these days. The little fat foodie who resides within me craves a change in foodery. Less fast food, more homemade! Homemade food is so much better and so much more fun, but all the more tiring. Sometimes, oftentimes, when I make dinner I get temper tantrums for no apparent reason. It's basically my body telling me to sit the fuck down, even if it sounds like me yelling at the pepper grinder for not grinding like I want it to.



Everything nice....


Who doesn't love them? Crazy people! I've been using Old El Paso for as long as I can remember but now: Revolution! 
Homemade taco spice!

After mixing the spice up I painted a jar for it to party in:]

Then topped it off with taco hearts, cause I heart tacos <3

Do you heart tacos? *giggles* of course you do! 

Want the recipe? Holla at yo girl  ~

Peace up invisi-homies ~


I've been dreading this for quite some time

Blogging. It was supposed to be sweet, happy, pink, cakey and g33ky but these days I don't seem able to express these feeling in words, cause they are overshadowed. Lately being sick is all I'm good at anymore. I'm really good at sleeping, I'm really good at sitting. I'm an expert whiner, I scream frantically and cry about the smallest things you can think of. Like getting a bad quality download, that's a real nosestuffer. ... .... Did I just say that out loud? Please don't think I'm crazy, cause I am, just not like that.

Often times I find myself in rage at the symbiote that has taken over my body. I try not to, cause there is little to nothing to do about it and mulling over it really just makes it worse, but still I get so angry. It's so unfair. I have so many things I both want and need to accomplish and I'm constantly reminded of it.  A constant reminder that I can't.  The blogs I read cover about the entire area of love, hope and anger that is my life.

I read baking blogs admiring some of the decadent and complicated projects my cake idols pull off, I wish I had the energy to do the simplest task like bake bread.
I read blogs immersed in clothes, jewelery, clothes and bags. I wish I had the energy to start my own business and that my social skills were consistent enough to get a vast clientele and get super rich (let's face it, I  COULD be rich. totally. norly).
I read of travels to exotic blue seas with palms, white sand, fancy drinks and amazing shopping. I wish M.E. didn't give me so much social anxiety that I can't be away from home for more than a couple of days, or not at all.
I read gaming blogs and wish I had the energy and focus to start AND complete a game. Or ten. Also not to get so upset that I either cry or throw and smash electrical things into the wall.
HELL, I read blogs and I wish I had the energy to blog more! (like maybe a couple of times a week, not once every month or so. )

Its like all the things I love about life are too far off in the distance to reach, maybe ever. Wouldn't that piss you off?

I know what you're thinking, "If it makes you feel so bad then just stop reading blogs!" I almost wish I could, but I can't. I live vicariously through other people, even through fictional characters. It feels like the only connection to the life I yearn for. It might one day drive me completely mad, but right now I don't care in the slightest. Without them I'd just be another sick nerd playing WoW all fuckin day and that would be ridiculously much worse.

But take a look at me, I'M BLOGGIN'! Wooooo! I'm one step closer to..... what exactly? Sanity? I think not, but today I have done something out of the ordinary. I can feel my shoulders elevate about 1/6th of an inch. Ah, delicious, dreamy, sweet 1/6th of an inch.

Before I leave you invisi-homies of mine I'd like to say thanks to my beautiful, sweet facebook friends supporting me by trying to help me find something to blog about. Sorry for the lack of cakes, gaming and cakes thereof. ... Maybe this will help: cake smash, then eat!!

peace out invisi-homies ~\o